Data Observation, Quality Control & Processing Division

1.    Objectives:

. To improve availability, access and use of climate data and information

. To avail meteorological data for societal needs and benefits

At Meteo Rwanda, we take weather and climate information as a valuable national resource and a strategic asset to the Government, our partners, and the public in general. In order to ensure that the Government is taking full advantage of its climate information resources, information is managed as an asset throughout its life cycle. That is climate data as an asset is maintained, accounted for, and put to the highest and best use as a matter of policy. 

2.    Observation network

The first weather station in Rwanda was rainfall station installed at Save (Southern Province) in 1906 with historical rainfall data started from 1907).The following is the current status of observation systems:

#Descriptive type of stationNumber of installed stationsOperational Stations
1Surface synoptic stations55
2Agro-meteorological stations99
3Climatic stations7272
4Rainfall stations7171
5Automatic Weather stations4141
6Automatic Rain Gauges100100
7Weather Radar11
8Automatic Lightning Detector11


3.    Data processing and management Meteorological data collected from manual and automatic weather stations countrywide are checked, managed, processed and archived in Meteorological Databank.Climsoft software is currently used to manage data processing and archiving. It is also used to encode and transmit TDCFs messages to Global Telecommunication System (GTS) via Nairobi Regional Telecommunication Centre (RTC).

4.    Data access 
Historical Meteorological data are accessed free of charge upon presentation of a clear request justifying the utilization of requested data. 
Data are available in different format (excel spreadsheet, Comma Separated Values (csv) and text).

5.    Climate  products 
Historical meteorological data are used to generate climate products to support other sectors, namely transport (air, marine and road), agricultural, infrastructure, health, environmental and disaster management, climate monitoring, for sustainable development in safe environment.

Climate Maproom 
Climate maproom is a collection of maps and figures that monitor climate conditions at present and in the recent past. This can be accesses at:

The current status of observational network platform includes manual and automatic weather stations.