Weather Warning Services

The Division of Weather/Climate Services and Application provides watch and Weather Warnings services for safety of life and property for the general welfare of the people of Rwanda.  

We provide severe weather forecast in lead-time and we always try to improve on lead time of early warning and through interaction with the media and intervening sectors of the government (MIDIMAR, MINADEF, RNP, RWANDA RED CROSS etc.,) we pass disaster message for protection and mitigation options. 

Some of early warning frequently issued includes: heavy rains, strong winds, thunderstorms cells, lightning, hailstorms, flash floods among others. Meteo Rwanda in partnership with key players in disaster reduction strategy is developing a Common Alert Protocol (CAP) to help coordinate effectively early warning information dissemination rescue efforts to minimize losses and damage resulting from extreme weather and climate events. 

CAP is a standard message format designed for All-Media (television, radio, telephone, fax, highway signs, e-mail, Web sites, etc.,) for All-Hazard (Weather, Fires, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Landslides, Child Abductions, Disease Outbreaks, Air Quality Warnings, Transportation Problems, Power Outages..) for all communications to the public at large; designated groups(civic authority, responders, etc.); specific people.

This is a regional project in which we are supported in by the World Meteorological Organization(WMO)