Meteo Rwanda and University of Rwanda sign an MoU to cooperate in research activities related to weather, air quality, hydrometeorology and climate in Rwanda

On 20th November, the Rweanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) represented by Director General Mr. Aimable Gahigi and University of Rwanda represented by Dr. Papias MUSAFIRI MALIMBA, the Acting Vice Chancellor; signed the Memorandum of Understanding that seeks to formalize existing working framework in areas of capacity building and research related to meteorology, air quality, hydrometeorology and climate change.

Both Meteo Rwanda and University of Rwanda shall collaborate on specific matters including:

  1. Development of research opportunities through educational programs, professional training, internship, field visits, seminars, guest lecture series;Data exchange to support research;
  2. Information and communication technology required to support meteorological data collection, data  packaging and dissemination;
  3. Joint research programmes for mitigating natural hazards and disaster risks caused by extreme  weather due to climate change. This involves modern techniques of observation, remote sensing applications, geographic information system applications, numerical weather prediction and forecasting techniques on various time scales and their operational applications climate change studies.
  4. Exchange of new technology tools for data analysis that may enhance operational efficiency of the respective Parties;
  5. Promote local and international collaboration with respectively the public and private sectors and international agencies for the development research defined in areas covered by the MoU,
  6. Dissemination of research products and useful information to the community through media for use by the central and local administration and private sectors for consideration in their policies,programmes and plans. 


The ceremony was witnessed by Prof. Bonfils Safari who is Coordinator of the Postgraduate Studies in the School of Science at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda.


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