Rwanda and Finland partner on Meteorology, Climatology and Air Quality

The Ministry of Environment and the Finnish Meteorological Institute have today signed a wide-ranging Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the fields of meteorology, climatology and air quality. The agreement was signed by Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Vincent Biruta, and the Director General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Jussi Kaurola.

The new partnership will see Rwanda and Finland work together to expand meteorology and air quality observation networks and modernize equipment and laboratories. It will develop and modernize data management and information systems, as well as improve weather and air quality modelling and forecasting.

“We are pleased to expand our strong partnership with Finland to the fields of meteorology, climatology and air quality. This agreement will enable both countries to share expertise and experience, and ultimately support us to better respond to climate change and increase our resilience to extreme weather,” said Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Rwanda.

Through the Memorandum of Understanding, Finland will support Rwanda to improve its weather, climate and air quality service delivery platforms and create new services that benefit citizens and everyone who depends on accurate and timely meteorological information. The two countries will also share skills and knowledge in data mining, quality management systems as well as engineering and maintenance of meteorological equipment.

Importantly, the two countries will partner to establish a world-class early warning system for weather and air quality extremes that will enable Rwanda to take early action in the face of these growing challenges.

“We look forward to working with our colleagues in Rwanda and strengthening cooperation in meteorology, climatology and air quality. Through this partnership, we will harness the power of meteorological information to support environmental, social and economic development in Finland and Rwanda,” said Jussi Kaurola, Director General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

About the Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Finnish Meteorological Institute produces observation and research data on the atmosphere, the near space and the seas, as well as weather, sea, air quality and climate services for the needs of public safety, business life and citizens. The Finnish Meteorological Institute is an administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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About the Ministry of Environment, Rwanda

The Ministry of Environment is the coordinating institution of the environment and natural resources sector in Rwanda. It was established to protect the environment, promote green and climate resilient growth and ensure optimal and rational utilization of water resources, land and forests for sustainable national development.

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