Meteorological information to be used in development of Rwanda Agriculture Insurance Scheme

On this Wednesday, 14th June 2017, Mr. John Ntaganda Semafara the Director General of Rwanda Meteorology Agency received the delegation from the Kingdom of Morocco that is in Rwanda to assess the nature on an appropriate Agriculture Insurance Scheme to benefit Rwandan farmers.

As it was highlighted by Mr. Fehd Bouab the Financial Director at the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries for the Kingdom of Morocco, this visit is in line with the Bilateral Agreement signed in between the Kingdom of Morocco, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of the Republic of Rwanda, the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries for the Kingdom of Morocco and Mutuelle Agricole Marocaine d’Assurances (MAMDA) to jointly establish and develop a Rwanda National Agriculture Insurance scheme.

Mr. Ali Seffar, the Development Director from MAMDA said that reliable weather and climate information is critical to make this Agriculture Crop Insurance succeed. He added that meteorological data shall be used to analyze losses that are encountered by farmers that are resulted from climatic weather conditions like floods, winds, drought among others. 

The Director General at Rwanda Meteorology Agency informed them that Meteo Rwanda has developed its meteorological infrastructure with aim of gathering accurate weather and climate information. He assured them that Meteo Rwanda is ready to work closely with them providing data whenever they are needed.

 “We have a serious concern of our farmers who have not been accessing loans from financial institutions because of climate uncertainty. We believe that this is one of solutions to boost agricultural harvest and fight food insecurity” added Mr. John Ntaganda Semafara.

The Director General informed them that Meteo Rwanda is able to provide raw data but also the processed information available at

Rwanda Meteorology Agency currently provides weather and climate information at a resolution of 4km grid with a network of 304 meteorological stations, a Doppler weather radar, ground satellite receivers such as PUMA and MESA.


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