Meteo Rwanda’s Forecasters undergoing two week long training to enhance their professional skills

From 19th to 30th June 2017, Meteo Rwanda in partnership with the Met Office (the United Kingdom’s National Meteorological Service), is carrying out training of Forecasting Officers aimed at enhancing their professional skills and competencies.

The training is sponsored by the Government of Rwanda under the project Meteo Rwanda/FONERWA.

Under this training, participants will cover a wide range of topics which shall enable them to improve capability in forecasting process that supports user’s demand on weather and climate for informed decision.

Mr. Twahirwa Anthony, Division Manager of Weather/Climate Services and application Division commended the strong partnership between Meteo Rwanda and the Met Office. He said that the training shall improve understanding of meteorology so that we can better serve our clients.

“The training shall enable our staff to have practical knowledge that they shall always apply in fulfilling their responsibilities. We need to keep updating our skills so that we can cope with the evolving technologies,”said Anthony.

Ndikuyo Mishak, a Forecasting Officer being trained said that the training will help him increase knowledge in his forecasting skills and how better to interpret satellite imageries, Radar images and other forecasting models with the aim of developing more weather tailored products for end users.

“This is an occasion for me to familiarize with different models used in forecasting process and their interpretations so that I can improve on services we deliver;” said Mishak.
“Currently there is an increasing demand of weather and climate information due to the climate change hence a need for us to keep on improving the accuracy of the forecast” added Mishak.

The trainers are Elisabeth Carlton and Yannick Foin, both employees of the Met Office. Elisabeth designed, developed and delivered a forecaster training program for Meteo Rwanda in 2012 and she has since been involved in leading international training interventions globally, including 3 International Aviation Seminars organized by the World Meteorological Organization (part of the United Nations).

While Yannick works as an International Training and Development Consultant at the Met Office. He started his career in the French Air Force then worked as a meteorologist in the private sector and joined the Met Office 6 years ago.

“Yannick and I are delighted to offer this training to the forecasters at Meteo Rwanda” says Elisabeth.  “The aim of the training is to improve the knowledge and skills in how to interpret observations, remote sensing and numerical weather prediction models. This will improve the forecast process and instil the forecasters with a robust methodology, which will in turn, increase understanding and improve the forecasting service to end users”.

About Meteo Rwanda’s FONERWA Project

Strengthening Meteo Rwanda’s Weather and Climate Services to Support Development is the Project that is being run by Meteo Rwanda and which is funded through Government of Rwanda’s Climate Change Fund (FONERWA).

The project aims to improve the range of weather and climate information available for informed decisions making at all levels in Rwanda, promote its understanding and application. It will achieve this by involving users in the development of new services, making investments in improved observations, forecasting and analysis and introducing new communication channels.

The project has four objectives namely: to create and enhance engagement between Meteo Rwanda and key stakeholders, to provide scientific knowledge required and skills required of Meteo Rwanda staff, to increase access to weather and climate information to at least 1 million users through a range of communication channels and to enhance awareness of weather and climate issues.


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