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Why is it imperative to factor weather and climate information in agriculture?

A few decades ago, a farmer would look at the behavior of the sky and guess that the rainfall season is approaching. Because of cultivating on large...

Kayonza citizens want Meteo Rwanda to consider the microclimatic zones while generating weather forecasts.

Unlike other parts of the country that are experiencing rainfall from September to December 2021 season, citizens of Ndego Sector of Kayonza district...

How Rwanda is using climate change data and projections to plan for the future

In 2011, Rwanda adopted a Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy to become a developed, climate-resilient and low-carbon economy by 2050. To...

Rwanda and Finland partner on Meteorology, Climatology and Air Quality

The Ministry of Environment and the Finnish Meteorological Institute have today signed a wide-ranging Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the...

Umuhindo 2021: Hari ahazagwa imvura iri munsi y’isanzwe ihagwa mu bihe by’umuhindo

Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Ubumenyi bw’Ikirere Meteo Rwanda gitangaza ko mu mezi ane ari imbere agize igihembwe cy’imvura y’Umuhindo (Nzeri-Ukuboza)...

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