Directorate General Office Functions

The Support Staff of the Director General's Office include the following:

  1. Legal Advisor
  2. Internal Auditor
  3. Human Resources and Capacity Development Specialist
  4. Public Relations and Communication Officer
  5. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  6. Procurement Officer
  7. Administrative Assistant to Director General

The Support Staff carry out the crosscutting responsibilities in the entire system of the institution and they ensure:

•  That the institution runs in accordance to the legal mandate.

•  That the Action Plan is properly executed and monitored regularly.

•  That the staff are appraised;that the Institution gets qualified staff through recruitment procedures; plans for capacity building of staff, discipline of staff, retirement and replacement plan and if there is a link between the Institution and the Ministry of Public Services and Labour.

•  That the institution accounts for all its expenses and accounts in accordance with Rwanda Public Procurement Authority guidelines.


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